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PlayAir – Selling Air for Music’s Sake

Approximately three in four Australian children do not have access to specialist music education at school, leaving them with nothing but ‘air’ to play.

From the 19th September until the 8th November, people across Australia can purchase a PlayAir Air Instrument from their local JB Hi-Fi store in a national fundraising campaign to support The Song Room. Each $2 Air Instrument purchased helps The Song Room deliver vital music and arts education and development programs to children across Australia.

You can also get involved by holding your own fundraiser, such as an air guitar competition or a band night.

With a line-up of well-respected Australian musicians supporting the campaign, PlayAir highlights the huge number of children from disadvantaged and marginalised communities who have little or no access to music or art programs and materials despite the significant benefits gained.

“Research has proven that learning music improves educational and social development for young people. Participation in the arts gives young people a positive experience of learning that transfers to other areas of their education, it also engenders positive connections with their peers and community, and it is a valuable medium for cultural sharing and cohesion”, said The Song Room’s CEO, Caroline Aebersold.

“My biggest love is song writing and performing. I never thought I’d be fortunate enough to have a career in music. Amazing things can happen if you have the courage to just step up on the stage and start performing. That’s what makes PlayAir so great.” – Clare Bowditch

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