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New ARTS:LIVE Resources – Contemporary Indigenous Dance

NAISDA Dance College is Australia’s premier Indigenous training college with a proud tradition of producing the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers since 1976.

The Song Room and NAISDA have partnered to create a set of resources for ARTS:LIVE so that Australian teachers and students could access that expertise and easily adapt it for the school classroom. The resources take a fascinating glimpse into the role of NAISDA in equipping emerging Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander talent to succeed in the contemporary dance industry.

These new resources feature internationally renowned choreographer and teacher Vicki Van Hout and Executive Director of NAISDA Kim Walker, as well as a number of NAISDA Developing Artists. This course will help teachers to explore fun new dance steps with their students while also providing dance techniques that can be easily implemented in the classroom.

Watch the promotional video here:




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