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Music To Our Ears!


Tanya Plibersek from the Australian Labor Party with kids from The Song Room

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to share with you that the Australian Labor Party has committed to invest  $4,980,000 in The Song Room to support Arts Learning across the country should it win government on May 18.

This incredible opportunity would enable The Song Room to build the capacity, capability and confidence of generalist teachers and deliver sustainable, impactful and scalable outcomes in primary schools in regional and metropolitan areas of every state and territory in Australia.

This investment would also allow young people to become more involved in school life and their education through participation in music, dance, performing, media and visual arts. Further, it would enable schools to make transformational shifts in their school culture through arts activities which are inclusive of the whole school community – students, teachers, parents and carers alike.

As you know well, The Song Room’s programs increase academic results in maths and literacy, increase school attendance and provide wide-reaching social-emotional benefits.

Tanya Plibersek from the Australian Labor Party with kids from The Song Room

In short, the ALP’s support will enable The Song Room to:

  • Deliver Arts Learning programs in 32 schools in every State and Territory in Australia over 3 years
  • Improve learning outcomes for 12,000 Australian children experiencing disadvantage
  • Provide opportunities for over 2,500 parents to play a more significant role in their children’s school and learning
  • Build the capability of over 575 teachers to incorporate arts learning into the classroom

Perhaps one of the most exciting things of all is The Song Room can boast bi-partisan support as we edge closer to the Federal election. This is an enviable position, one which places The Song Room alongside leading organisations in the provision of programs which aim to close the education equity gap in Australia.

Your sincerely,

Simon Gipson

Chief Executive Officer

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