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Help schools embrace 2022 with Arts Learning

We look forward to a brighter new year filled with hope and purpose. At The Song Room this means a year of joy, opportunity and transformational learning for young people across Australia. Unfortunately, we know this vision is not possible for all.

Now is the time to embrace Arts Lernign with the The Song Room

What is needed right now is a targeted approach to address the impact of the pandemic where the educational equity gap has increased and young people’s wellbeing has plummeted. Arts education offers us a powerful opportunity to help face these challenges.

We have seen throughout the longest lock-downs that students remain connected to their learning and to their school community in schools where the arts is embraced. The Song Room’s arts learning programs support student’s social and emotional learning and enrich their wellbeing by giving them the opportunity to share, explore, be creative and develop new skills.

Participation in the arts at school assists with the cognitive, social and emotional development of young people. It increases learners’ confidence, motivation and sense of identity thereby improving school attendance rates and academic performance. It helps young people to make sense of and respond to their world.

Schools have played an important role this year in helping to deal with complex social, health and wellbeing challenges. In 2021, The Song Room’s Teaching Artists provided mentoring, professional development and online learning support to teachers to help them upskill in new technologies and to develop arts learning pedagogies that kept students engaged during an extremely disruptive year.

The Song Room is in a unique position to help schools embrace the challenges of 2022 through impactful and high quality arts learning. 100% of primary school teachers participating in The Song Room programs reported that they felt increased confidence to incorporate the arts into the classroom, and observed that students’ improved teamwork and listening skills, and had an increased sense of belonging and connectedness as a result of the program.

This festive season, we urge you to join us to help deliver more high-quality arts learning programs to Australian schools. Your contribution will help schools and communities meet the challenges of 2022 with hope and purpose.

Please support The Song Room today.

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