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Deadly Arts!

On Thursday 25th June 2014, The Song Room held The Deadly Arts Performance Event at Bowman Hall in Blacktown.

The Deadly Arts performance was the culmination of a 12 month Aboriginal Arts program designed to engage and educate students about local Aboriginal stories and culture and to promote a sense of pride within the local Aboriginal community.

The Song Room worked with local Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Wes Marne, Aboriginal Teaching Artist Tom Kitchener and students, teachers and parents from 5 local primary schools – Bidwill Public School, Noumea Public School, Shalvey Public School, Whalan Public School and Willmot Public School.

The performance consisted of an interpretation of the story of Creation, as told by Uncle Wes. The story focussed on common moral and human values. Each school was given a section of the story, which they interpreted through drama, dance and music.


In addition, the students also learnt two songs, inspired by Uncles Wes’ poems about his personal life experiences. All students learnt both songs and they were used as the opening and finale to the performance.

Over of 700 students, parents and community members came to see Deadly Arts. It was wonderful to see the sense of pride shared by students, performers and parents alike. The greatest highlight on the day was when 50 young boys entered the stage playing and carrying didgeridoos. They were accompanied by a choir or 70 girls, and a band made up of Commonwealth Bank volunteers, school teachers and Song Room teaching artists. The performance concluded with the song Indigenous Ones. It was certainly a proud moment for everyone involved in the program and shared by the audience.

“I really cannot think of any other event that has achieved so much. You have united five schools, you have engaged all of our students, staff and communities in learning about and celebrating aboriginal history and culture in an authentic and respectful way.” – Principal, Shalvey Public School Mt Druitt


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