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Changes in the Song Room Boardroom

he Song Room farewells long-term Chairperson, Richard Price, who after 6 years of service will continue in the role of Board member, and welcomes new Chairperson, Andrew Baxter, and new board members Annette Rome and Rob McGauran.

At the recent Annual General Meeting on November 10, 2010, Richard Price retired as The Song Room Chairperson after contributing 6 years of incredible support. His contribution has been instrumental in helping The Song Room become the national organisation it is now.

Sincere thanks on behalf of all the thousands of disadvantaged children he has helped us to reach through his contribution. Richard will continue his good work as a Board member of The Song Room.

We are delighted to welcome our new Chairperson, Andrew Baxter, who has worked with The Song Room for some time now, both as a Board member and also through the enormous in-kind support provided by BADJAR Ogilvy advertising agency, of which he is CEO.

Two new Board Members have also joined in 2010, Annette Rome and Rob McGauran. Thanks again to all the board and staff for their shared commitment, passion and contributions throughout 2010.

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