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Help us develop ARTS:LIVE & make an impact on kids’ lives

Creativity and innovation have risen to the forefront of 21st century key learning outcomes. All children must develop their creative skills to ensure they are ready to undertake the jobs of the future.

Unfortunately, disadvantaged children in Australia are more likely to fall behind in their education than ever before.

Earlier this year we launched our new-look digital arts education hub, ARTS:LIVE. This innovative learning platform is designed to bridge the education equity gap. It equips teachers and students with the skills to explore and develop their creativity, helping them to build technical, problem-solving and collaborative skills that prepare them for success later in life.

We partner with artists and arts experts from all over the country to create resources that give students relevant, valuable insight into creative practice.


One such resource is a dramatic adaption of the children’s book ‘Too Many Cheeky Dogs‘, written by Johanna Bell and illustrated by Dion Beasley from the Northern Territory.

Dion’s story is a heroic one – he has muscular dystrophy and is profoundly deaf. Dion makes a living through his art, exhibiting around the country and collaborating with printmakers to develop clothing, etchings and prints of his work.

We collaborated with Dion and Johanna to transform ‘Too Many Cheeky Dogs’ into a digital drama resource with an Auslan (sign language) component, to facilitate students’ exploration of difference, diversity and community through the use of storytelling and language development for hearing impaired students.

We have many more resources like this that we want to develop. And we need your help.

AL__School_Web_DonWe have strong interest from educators and parents to develop a range of new creative education resources that effectively target skill gaps in our schools, and allow students to develop their creative competencies to prepare them for success.

Developing these stories into digital education resources is a great way for children to explore the world of literature, while building confidence and stimulate their learning. It also encourages empathy, understanding and language development in children.

ARTS:LIVE is being used in over 7,000 schools in Australia and growing into new regions and education sectors.

Please help us bring many more resources just like ‘Too Many Cheeky Dogs’ to life by donating today.

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