Festive Appeal 2016 – Sam’s Story / Get Involved

Sam’s story

We are fortunate to hear from parents, teachers and students how access to arts and music programs is benefiting their lives. We also hear these stories from our supporters, like Sam.

Sam Robinson recently saw a story about The Song Room in the media and decided to get in touch to help our cause. We started a conversation about where the inspiration to give came from.

“As a parent of two young children, I’m constantly trying to balance the commitments of a busy family. I work hard to provide the kids with everything they may need to get the best start in life. It can be a real struggle.

From the moment I became a parent my hopes and dreams for the future became less about me, and more about the people I love. Will they get a good education? Will they have every chance to shine, to be happy, kind, honest adults who make a positive contribution to our world?

I know that there are lots of kids who miss out on the chance to have the things I want for my children. I want to do everything I can to make sure these kids can shake off the challenges they face early in their lives and get every opportunity for a positive future.

“In my school experience the art room was a really special place. For my friends, music provided a place for self expression and strength. All children should get to experience that.” Sam Robinson

I think we undervalue the power creativity and the arts provides young people – it can be the difference between unlocking their potential or not. That’s why I choose to donate to The Song Room. I know it can change a child’s future.”

Please help The Song Room deliver our programs to more of the three in four Australian kids who miss out. Donate today.




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