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Music Makes A Difference. Can you?

Each week we hear from school Principals, teachers and our own Teaching Artists about how our programs have benefitted a particular student, a class or a community of disadvantaged people. We are fortunate to hear a lot about how access to arts and music programs is instrumental in helping young people in New South Wales to turn their lives around.

Put simply, arts education has the power to transform lives. Lives such as Mason’s:

Mason’s Story

Mason* is a Grade 3 student at a school just south of Newcastle. Last semester, The Song Room commenced a dance program for his class with Teaching Artist, Brooke. Early in the workshop sessions, Mason stood out as a defiant, disengaged student who was unwilling to take part in the activities.

Teachers at the school advised Brooke not to expect him to join in. This was apparently typical behaviour for Mason, who was often in trouble at school for bullying, lacking confidence and self-esteem. This was attributed to a troubled home life, as Mason confessed that he was told he was a ‘waste of space’ by his Mum.

Brooke attempted to include Mason in the dance program, encouraging him to participate a little more with each session. Before she knew it, her most unwilling student had become her shadow. Mason discovered a passion for dance, and with his newly developing skills, he gained the confidence and self-esteem to actively participate in class.


Brooke recalls one lesson when Mason excitedly took her aside to show her some of the choreography he had devised on his own. Brooke was so impressed with his new skills and dance moves that she incorporated them into the lesson plan for the entire class’ end-of-semester performance.

This was a huge thrill for Mason, who has since been in far less trouble at school. As Brooke notes: ‘he gets his anger out by dancing’.

The Song Room is working to help students right across New South Wales just like Mason, and we need your help to ensure that no members of our own local community are left behind.

Please donate today.


*not his real name



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