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Music Makes A Difference. Can you?

Each week we hear from school Principals, teachers and our own Teaching Artists about how our programs have benefitted a particular student, a class or a community of disadvantaged people. We are fortunate to hear a lot about how access to arts and music programs is instrumental in helping young people in Victoria to turn their lives around.

Put simply, arts education has the power to transform lives. Lives such as Lewis’s:

Lewis’s Story

Lewis* is ten years old and in Grade 4 at a primary school in Melbourne’s north. Lewis’s schooling has been disrupted by behavioural problems – he is frequently hostile and lashes out at other children. Lewis’s teacher recently explained that his behaviour is due to a highly dysfunctional and violent home life. Although the school works hard to create a nurturing space for all students, Lewis has difficulty concentrating, rarely participates in group activities and recently expressed distressing thoughts of self-harm.

The Song Room began a music program in Lewis’s school at the beginning of this Semester. Lewis’s teacher has been amazed at the transformation in Lewis during the weekly music activities his class now receives with The Song Room Teaching Artist, Ben. She describes Ben’s success at engaging Lewis in learning as ‘a huge win’.


Not only has Lewis’s confidence and self-esteem improved, but he is self-reflective and keen to participate in class, demonstrating the notes and rhythms he remembers from previous lessons with minimal prompting. He now excitedly cooperates in class, offering to help write musical arrangements on the whiteboard and is successfully working in small teams with his fellow students to improvise, rehearse and perform the small pieces they compose together each week.

The school principal says that Lewis’s school attendance has improved, and that his positive experience with music has spilled over to other areas of his learning.

The Song Room is working to help students right across Victoria just like Lewis, and we need your help to ensure that no members of our own local community are left behind.

Please donate today.


*not his real name



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