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Music Makes A Difference. Can you?

Each week we hear from school Principals, teachers and our own Teaching Artists about how our programs have benefitted a particular student, a class or a community of disadvantaged people. We are fortunate to hear a lot about how access to arts and music programs is instrumental in helping young people in South Australia to turn their lives around.

Put simply, arts education has the power to transform lives. Lives such as Jackson’s:

Jackson’s Story

Jackson* is a Grade 4 student at a school south of Adelaide.  He is autistic and struggles with impulse control and behaviour management.  Jackson’s family are out of work and frequently unable to buy necessities such as shoes for him to wear to school. Jackson’s class has been receiving music lessons with Song Room Teaching Artist Rachael throughout this year. When Jackson was introduced to the keyboard for the first time, his eyes lit up. Rachael showed him the basics and let him play.

“Initially he was shy about me listening… so I gave him headphones so he could practice in private. After about ten minutes he asked if he could play me his story. He played with an enormous amount of honesty and took it very seriously. After performing what I would call a soundscape, I told him how I enjoyed listening to his song and noticed that it sounded quite angry, but at the end of the piece it sounded happy. I asked him to tell me more about his song.


He said that I was right and with some coaxing told me that his story was about his dad being violent towards his mum, and how that made him angry, (beginning of the song) then he felt sad (middle of the song) but in the end it was okay because he woke and realised that it was a dream (end of song). He smiled with relief and thanked me for allowing him to have a go at the keyboard.”

– Rachael, Song Room Teaching Artist

In the nine months since his first Song Room session, Jackson has continued to grow in confidence through his lessons with Rachael.  So much so that at a recent Song Room showcase performance, he confidently performed a solo piece on piano in front of the whole school and family.

The Song Room is working to help students right across South Australia just like Jackson, and we need your help to ensure that no members of our own local community are left behind.

Please donate today.


*not his real name



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