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Music Makes A Difference. Can you?

Each week we hear from school Principals, teachers and our own Teaching Artists about how our programs have benefitted a particular student, a class or a community of disadvantaged people. We are fortunate to hear a lot about how access to arts and music programs is instrumental in helping young people in Queensland to turn their lives around.

Put simply, arts education has the power to transform lives. Lives such as David’s:

David’s Story

David* is a Grade 4 student at a primary school in North Brisbane. The Song Room recently began delivering a drama program in the school. Right from the beginning Teaching Artist Belinda noticed that Ben was struggling. He was always hungry, his uniform was torn and dirty and David was struggling to concentrate in class.

David was very disruptive in The Song Room sessions and rarely joined in. He would intentionally pester and disrupt the other children. The other students seemed to ignore him and he was often in the ‘naughty corner’ before the workshop had even started.

The class was learning a rap poem to perform for the school and David, as usual, wasn’t participating. While the other students rehearsed, Belinda quietly took David aside and he confessed that he couldn’t read and therefore wasn’t able to perform the poem the class was learning. Belinda reassured him there were other ways to learn, such as listening, body movements and intonation cues to help him process and memorise the text.


Through these methods, David’s confidence grew rapidly and within a few weeks he began to participate and even add suggestions to the performance piece. David’s disruptive behaviour ceased as he grew to become a valued member of his class.

The day of the performance came. David clearly showed pride in his newfound abilities, getting up on stage to perform for the whole school. David rapped the poem and his beaming smile got even bigger when the audience applauded. When he ran off stage he hugged his classmates with tears in his eyes.

The Song Room is working to help students right across Queensland just like David, and we need your help to ensure that no members of our own local community are left behind.

Please donate today.


*not his real name



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