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Music Makes A Difference. Can you?

Each week we hear from school Principals, teachers and our own Teaching Artists about how our programs have benefitted a particular student, a class or a community of disadvantaged people. We are fortunate to hear a lot about how access to arts and music programs is instrumental in helping young people in Western Australia to turn their lives around.

Put simply, arts education has the power to transform lives. Lives such as Chloe’s:

Chloe’s Story

Chloe* is in Grade 3 at a school in Perth’s northern suburbs. Chloe was born blind, and at a young age was given up for adoption, spending a considerable amount of her early childhood in foster care. Due in part to her tumultuous home life, Chloe struggled at school, and was often absent or disengaged.

The Song Room began a Creative Communities project at her school under the guidance of Teaching Artist and visual arts professional, Chandy. Chandy immediately identified that Chloe was keen to participate in building the mosaic, and was fascinated by the textures and the shapes of the various tiles.


Chandy and Chloe’s foster Mum helped Chloe research local Indigenous symbols, and as the project progressed and Chloe’s confidence grew, she began to actively contribute ideas to the final design. She suggested drawings, colours and many ideas about what the final image should represent.

At the launch of the mosaic, Chloe gave a speech to the whole school and the wider community about the project, excitedly explaining how the group came up with the design, the significance of each of the symbols, their historical meaning and their modern interpretations.

Over the course of the community project, Chloe and her foster Mum grew a deeper connection with each other, and the extended group. At the conclusion of the project, Chloe excitedly mentioned to Chandy that art is now her favourite subject.

The Song Room is working to help students right across Western Australia just like Chloe, and we need your help to ensure that no members of our own local community are left behind.

Please donate today.


*not her real name



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