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Alyelhaye (pronounced Yu-lay) is a Central Arrernte word meaning ‘singing together’. It’s also an exciting new project from Yipirinya School and The Song Room to give some of Australia’s most disadvantaged children the opportunity to participate in music.


The Song Room is pleased to announce that thanks to your donations, we reached our target of $50,000! This means that the music program at Yipirinya School in the Northern Territory will continue this semester. Note that we can always use more funds to purchase further musical instruments for this program. if you would still like to support Yipirinya School, you can do so here.


Yipirinya School is an independent school in Alice Springs with a 100% Indigenous student population. The students come from the outstations and town camps of Alice Springs where poverty, overcrowding, abuse and neglect are common and alcohol and violence are endemic.

The Song Room is a not for profit organisation that delivers music and arts programs to disadvantaged school students to engage children through creativity to enhance their education outcomes and social and emotional well being.

The Song Room recently teamed up with Yipirinya to run a six month in-school music workshop for the children. This program is proven to be extremely successful in engaging the students in their education and the teachers, staff and community at Yipirinya are starting to see some really positive changes in the kids.


Yipirinya need funding to continue to change the lives of these disadvantaged young Australians through music. Please visit to find out more.

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(Song Room Teaching Artist) Ed is a good singer. We need you here Ed. I enjoy raps, and putting rhymes into music. It’s too much fun working with Ed. It makes Tuesday fun for me, because I like to go into the hall there, and do our special music classes.” – Year 5/6 Student.

Yipirinya School caters for Indigenous students by offering a two-way (bilingual and bicultural) education helping to keep Indigenous culture alive. It teaches literacy and numeracy and western skills following the Northern Territory/National Curriculum framework, and also teaches four Indigenous languages as well as culture. However, due to lack of resources Yipirinya has had one crucial area of learning missing…MUSIC.

Alyelhaye combines Yipirinya’s ‘two way’ approach with The Song Room’s researched music program to bring a tailored creative engagement program to students.

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We know that participation in music can assist in other areas of a child’s learning, but it is also crucial in helping children feel better about themselves. This is important for the students at Yipirinya. These children are faced with a multitude of challenges and often come to school under-fed, under-clothed and under-slept.

Yipirinya staff work hard to prepare the students for their learning for the day, including providing meals, clothing, a door to door bus service, showers and care amongst other services, in order to prepare the students for their learning for the day. The School is a safe place for these students, away from the challenges of their home situations and other issues.

Yipirinya is fortunate enough to have Australian Indigenous pop star Jessica Mauboy as a committed and passionate ambassador for the School. Jess is a strong supporter of the Alyelhaye program as she has seen first-hand what engaging the students through music can do.

“Neither the School nor their parents can financially support a music program at the School but if we are genuinely concerned about closing the gap in Indigenous education we must give them the same opportunities as students in other schools. The Alyelhaye Project does this.” – Jessica Mauboy.

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“Song Room is deadly. I like the a lot. The guitar lessons are good, on Friday. I want to learn really good guitar. Ed shows me the guitar. Sometimes it’s a shame to play with other people seeing. But I like to learn with Ed.” Secondary Student.

Please visit to find out more.



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