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ARTS:LIVE network evaluation project

As part of the continued evaluation of ARTS:LIVE, The Song Room ran a number of professional development sessions for Victorian-based teachers. Sessions were delivered to Dandenong South Primary School, Victoria University and at our home, The Abbotsford Convent.

After an 18 month Teaching Artist Workshop Program at Dandenong South Primary School, ARTS:LIVE is an essential tool to keep arts thriving for students. A trial session at Victoria University saw The Song Room deliver essential information to pre-service teacher on how to use the site to create a ‘portable unit’ in visual arts. A group of 20 teachers travelled from as far as Traralgon to join our Online Program Coordinator and Teaching Artists to participate in a session title: Combining the arts and technology in your classroom.


Ways to use the site and linkages to the curriculum were covered in each session. Examining and combining art-forms and cross-curricular links helped these teachers visualise how they could use ARTS:LIVE activities in their classroom with minimal layout and fuss. An emphasis was given to free and open software online tools and using every-day devices, such as iPads and mobile phones to practice the arts.

The intent of each session was to up-skill teachers in using the arts and technology in their class, and to test ARTS:LIVE activities in the classroom. This forms part of a six month evaluation program, with the results and feedback being utilised to shape the future of ARTS:LIVE in 2014.

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