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Our music and arts-based programs are designed to fill the education gap and provide Australian school children with The Song Room Teaching Artists and tailored art’s based programs.

Our programs are delivered over a minimum of six months to help disengaged children stay focused, improve their academic performance and better their social skills.

Programs also include professional development for teachers and parent community programs – to ensure sustainable, lasting change for children and their wider school community.

Proven by independent research, our unique model is made up of six learning platforms:

  1. School workshop programs

    Specialist Teaching Artists develop and deliver sequential music and arts-based learning programs over a 6 to 18 month period.

  2. Parent and community programs

    Parent programs, community events and public performances engage and inspire confidence in the children as well as the wider community.

  3. Building for sustainability

    Professional teacher development programs, master classes, mentoring, skills accreditation, additional teaching materials, and curriculum development provide lasting, sustainable outcomes.

  4. Online and blended learning

    Online student classrooms with web-based teacher support and training resources widen access to remote and regional children.

  5. Partnerships and collaboration

    The Song Room employs the help of specialist artists, businesses, government agencies, and specialised arts organisations to expand community opportunities and learning.

  6. Evaluation and research

    Ongoing evaluation and independent research allows continuous improvements to evidence-based practice in Australia and helps confirm the educational and social impacts of arts education.

Our program model is delivering measurable impacts in academic performance, school attendance and social emotional wellbeing. If you’d like to get involved, find out how you can here.

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